the future

We dare to think ahead

KMWE designs, builds and continuously improves high tech components, modules and systems based on precision engineering and machining. We believe in a fast and flexible approach, based on a long-term vision. We focus on close cooperation, sustainable relationships and the entire product lifecycle, including the complete manufacturing process and supply chain management.

Innovation is embedded in our culture. We involve all departments at an early stage and include customers.

We offer a high degree of knowledge and skill in manufacturing and supply chain management, coupled with innovation and flexibility.

KMWE offers solutions for the following industries: Aerostructures, Aero Engine, Semicon, Healthtech and Industrial.

KMWE treasures a culture of short lines of communication, fast decision-making processes and a common sense approach.


28 Apr 2023

One of the hotspots of the High Tech Ontdekkingsroute is the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven. During this day, you will get the opportunity to take a peek inside our factory.

26 Mar 2023

RenĂ© Raaijmakers (chief editor of High-Tech Systems magazine) talks to Huub van de Water, CAM engineer at KMWE and winner of the Noordhofprijs 2022, about the gap between design (engineering) and production. Just because someone designs something on their CAD station doesn’t mean it can be made.

21 Mar 2023

This article (Solutions Magazine – Franc Coenen) is about how KMWE invest in a serial production facility to further utilize our expertise in the AM technology. But shows also a closer look at the production process.