Leading in Industry 4.0

Today’s production environment is increasingly connected in networks and to the internet, allowing industrial production systems to exchange information. Smart factories are responsive, demand driven, self-managing and self-correcting. KMWE has built up a leadership position in this area: Industry 4.0.

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

KMWE offers several advanced manufacturing processes and technologies, such as automation and robotisation expertise, printing of net shape or near-net shape metal parts and non traditional machining (Electro Chemical Machining).

Product life cycle support

KMWE can improve product design and related processes to optimize function and cost throughout lifecycles. This involves close collaboration between in-house multidisciplinary teams and supply chain team members.

The future of employment

KMWE is a family company, open and focused on cooperation. Our culture is very important to us. Our people are proud of what they make and work with some very advanced technologies. We focus on personal development, training and close cooperation with educational facilities.