Product life cycle support

KMWE can improve product design and related processes to optimize function and cost throughout lifecycles. This involves information exchange and close collaboration between in-house multidisciplinary teams and supply chain team members, working with best practices and proven methodologies and processes. Shorter engineering cycles and smart resource allocation help manufacture efficiently and reduce complexity and cost, whilst supporting quality and compliance. Even after a product has been finalised, we continuously analyse its real-world functionality and propose improvement steps.


Value Engineering

Our experience with value engineering allows us to improve the value of products by applying a systematic approach to examining functionality. This helps improve function and/or reduce costs. By being involved in the design and specification phases and optimizing designs for production, we can really make a difference.


Our multidisciplinary teams analyse projects from different angles: technology, supply chain, logistics and find opportunities to work more efficiently, reduce the number of parts or process steps, or redesign components.

System Engineering

KMWE’s interdisciplinary teams design and manage complex systems, as well as assemblies that are integrated into these systems throughout their life cycles. We identify (potential) challenges, risks and improvement possibilities and come up with suggestions covering everything from processes to tooling.


Our overview of the complete supply chain and all processes, information management and sharing, engineering skills, and wide range of processing skills (in-house as well as in our partner network) allow us to come up with tailor-made solutions every time.

Transfer Management

Engineering and manufacturing processes involving multiple stakeholders and technologies depend strongly on proper Transfer Management. This is essential to their (cost) effectiveness. KMWE has several proven processes in place to ensure seamless transfer of information between parts of the supply chain and our own facilities.


Our best practices are based on years of experience, smart procedures, detailed information processing and in-depth knowledge of design and manufacturing processes. The entire process is seamless and in line with all technical and regulatory standards.

Today's production environment is increasingly connected, allowing industrial production systems to exchange information. KMWE has built up a leadership position in this area - Industry 4.0.

KMWE offers several advanced manufacturing processes and technologies, like automation and robotisation expertise, printing of (near-) net shape metal parts and non traditional machining.