K3D-AddFab scales for industrial additive manufacturing in high-tech and aerospace

Together with our partners NTS-Group, Machinefabriek De Valk and K3D (Kaak Group), we are taking our collaboration to the next level and scale our shared facility for true series production for applications in high-tech equipment and aerospace while changing the name to K3D-AddFab.

K3D already succeeded to implement their first collaboration in Terborg. After purchasing their first MetalFAB1 in 2016, more than 45.000 industrial applications have been printed. K3D also collaborates closely with Additive Industries which provides process & application development support. The MetalFAB1 system of K3D-AddFab will be installed at the brand new Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven directly next to our headquarters.

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Eindhovens Dagblad by Harrie Verrijt | 29-03-2019