KMWE adapts to Aerospace challenges amid global tensions

Navigational Challenges: Strategic Steps in Aerospace Amid Global Tensions


How are leading aerospace companies tackling scale-up challenges?

The aerospace industry has recently experienced supply chain disruptions and geopolitical tensions. Scaling up requires more than just increased production capacity; it requires strategic innovation and flexibility.

Read in the interview (with Edward Voncken and Stijn Daemen) how KMWE uses innovation and flexibility to thrive in a dynamic marketplace.


Challenges and Opportunities

The recent pandemic and changing global politics have left deep scars on the aerospace industry. KMWE Aerospace has met these challenges by exploring growth opportunities in the defense sector and by exploring innovative manufacturing methods such as 3D printing, which is crucial in times of material shortages.


A Strong Europe

There is a need for a strong European defense industry.
KMWE supports initiatives that make Europe less dependent on technology from the US. This strategic move is not only essential for our security, but also strengthens the European economy and cohesion.


Looking forward

KMWE continues to focus on maximizing existing investments and exploring new markets. Our approach of sustained innovation and adaptability allows us to remain at the forefront of the industry.



For an in-depth analysis of these approaches and more, read the full article, written by Wilma Schreiber on page 43 of Link Magazine’s Special 2024.

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