More impact on circular economy

As a pioneer in 3D printing, we are taking an important step towards circular entrepreneurship. In a time the industry recognizes the need for sustainability, we embark on the path to reuse metal waste from the regular machining process. Together with a number of partners, we aim to develop a method to convert metal waste from the regular metalworking process into powder or wire for 3D printers.


From pioneering to industrialization

CEO Edward Voncken emphasizes the shift towards industrial applications of 3D printing. “The benefits are enormous, but the road was not without obstacles. The combination of ESG requirements, CO2 reduction and material reuse drives companies to find new, innovative solutions.”


Benefits of 3D printing

Jochem Langendonk, director of KMWE’s Global Competence Center, mentions the advantages of 3D printing: less material use, integration of functionality, simpler assembly, lighter end products and fewer processing steps. A game-changer in the industry. To help our customers make the transition to 3D design and take full advantage of the benefits of 3D printing, our customers need to redesign their product. That is why we also offer workshops to engineers. The change requires a new mindset.


3D printing hub

There is already a real 3D printing hub on the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC), where, in addition to metals, plastics and ceramics are also printed. Our 3D printing capacity will also become operational in Q1 2024.


Read the entire article (in dutch) in the October/November 2023 issue of Link Magazine


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