Automation and robotisation are important factors

Labor productivity growth levelled off. Why?

In the last decade, labour productivity growth (added value per employee FTE) in the high-tech industry has levelled off. During this time, new production technologies have become available, which means that production should have gone up.

The tight labour market could be a factor, but this has only been happening in the last couple of years. There must be a more structural reason.

Are people not using smart technology, or are they using it incorrectly? And why is that? Does the technology have too many functions, which means that operators can’t see the forest for the trees? Or are functions being developed that the market doesn’t need? Or can the lack of growth be blamed on the management, after all?

In this article, CTO Marc Evers explains how KWME handles this.

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Link Magazine by Lucy Holl | February 2019