KMWE was involved in the sample scanner during the pre-proto phase

The Southern Netherlands special of Link Magazine published an article about FastMicro, who developed equipment – a Sample Scanner – that measures and characterises cleanliness; vital in the semiconductor industry.

A high yield is crucial in the semiconductor industry, with its extremely costly processes and urgent market demands. To achieve this, clean-working practices throughout the production chain are imperative. FastMicro has developed equipment that measures and characterises cleanliness, and they have entered the world market. This start-up originated in the heart of the Southern Netherlands ecosystem, in the semiconductor industry. That is no coincidence. ‘Engineering complex, high-precision high-tech systems is what this region excels at.’

KMWE was already involved in the sample scanner during the ‘pre-proto phase’ at a time when FastMicro had yet to see the light of day.

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