KMWE to expand Additive Manufacturing capabilities

How it started…

Almost ten years ago, KMWE began to explore how they could benefit from the new 3D metal printing technology. Over the years, KMWE has developed this technology with several partners. First with “AddLab”, in which the possibilities of the technology were discovered. Followed closely by “AddFab”, which marked the start of end-use part production.


Start of K3D-Addfab

In 2019, the “K3D-AddFab” collective was formed with a clear goal in mind for KMWE. Moving from single part production to serial production. Serial production leads to process stability, documentation, certification and validation.



This year, in 2022, KMWE is at the intersection where knowledge and experience meets market growth and technological readiness. Therefore, we have decided to invest in a serial production facility to further utilize our expertise in the technology.

We have chosen the SLM500 system from SLM Solutions as a workhorse in this new facility, which will be housed at the Brainport Industries Campus next to KMWE headquarters.

We will continue our partnership with K3D-AddFab to improve our capabilities.


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