KMWE signs contract to design and construct an ISO7 & ISO6 cleanroom

Joining forces for Sustainability: KMWE teams up with SRBA and ABN Cleanroom Technology for next-gen cleanroom

KMWE and our subsidiary ATM Oirschot has signed an agreement to design and construct an ISO7 & ISO6 cleanroom in partnership with SRBA Controlled Environment and their partner ABN Cleanroom Technology.


Key details

The cleanroom is to be realised in KMWE’s facility at Brainport Industries Campus and covers 540 m2 with heights of partly 6.5 meter. The modulair wall- and ceiling design is related to the semi-conductor industry and the facillity will be partly AMC controlled. In a part of the cleanroom a 5 ton Mennens crane will be installed.

The classified space incorporates the patented VIX concept, providing energy savings of up to 60% compared to conventional cleanroom concepts. The entire concept is guided by a Design-for-Circularity approach, prioritizing sustainability and resource efficiency.


Our perspective

Jochem Langendonk, KMWE: “With the new cleanroom, KMWE is taking a new step in circular entrepreneurship. The cleanroom will be used for service and repair activities of KMWE customers. Through the one-stop shop principle, KMWE offers its customers the right supplies for an optimal business process.”
DaniĆ«l Akkers, ATM Oirschot: “ATM Oirschot will be using half of the new cleanroom for cleaning products for KMWE. The investment in equipment will involve a solvent cleaning machine and various equipment for cleaning and analyzing products on grade 2 molecular level. This second location of ATM Oirschot will free up additional capacity for customers in Oirschot.”

A Kick-Off meeting for the start of the risk-based engineering plan was this week and it started by signing the contract by all participants.