Mustapha Doudou nominated for the Noordhofprijs 2021

Nominated for the Noordhofprijs 2021

KMWE is very proud to announce that Mustapha Doudou is nominated for the craftsmanship award this year, in the category Metal.


Who is Mustapha Doudou?

Mustapha began his career at KMWE in 1995 as a trainee CNC Machine Operator and rose through the ranks to become a valuable CAM Engineer Milling.

Mustapha knows exactly which clamps to use and his strength is standardising the clamps and tools. To this end, he keeps track of the cycle times, tooling costs and continuity to achieve the best results.

He is a mentor to his employees and he supervises them in their leaning process. He does this in an organised and structural manner and he leads by example.
Mustapha is a driven, reliable and motived craftsperson, which is the reason why his nomination is so well deserved.


What is the Noordhofprijs?

The Noordhof award is awarded annually to the best craftsperson in the Brainport region (Southeast Brabant). The Foundation “Bevordering Vakmanschap” has been awarded the Noordhof award to the best craftsperson in construction, metal industry, mechatronics and other fields of expertise in the technical industry since 1986.

More information about the Noordhof Awards can be found at


Award ceremony

The award ceremony will take place on 26th November at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

KMWE would like to congratulate Mustapha and we wish him all the best during the award ceremony this November.


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