Visit KMWE Aerospace during the NEDS 2022

NEDS 2022

Visit KMWE Aerospace, booth #J2.0, during the NEDS | NIDV Exhibition Defence & Security (NEDS) in Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on 17th November.

The NIDV Exhibition Defence & Security (NEDS) is the largest event for the Defence and Security industry in the Netherlands. On one day all stakeholders from government, industry and knowledge institutions come together in Ahoy Rotterdam.

The exhibition is a business-to-business event which is exclusively for professionals. Top speakers from the government, knowledge institutes and industry will give their perspective on today’s global challenges in the area of security. Next to that, international companies with compensation obligations are present. Within one day, you get the possibility to talk to all of them.


Theme: Netherlands on the Radar

In these times of geopolitical tensions, the challenges to our national security are great. The world is in turmoil and analysts’ predictions are not favourable. Although we live in a globalised world, territorially embedded factors remain relevant, including in the domain of defence and security. This is why the theme “Netherlands on the radar” has been chosen for NEDS2022.

Knowledge institutions and industry are indispensable in this respect. After all, without industry, there is no security. And security is an important, if not the most important prerequisite for society.


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