Field lab Advanced Manufacturing Logistics researches optimal logistics at Brainport Industries Campus

The field lab Advanced Manufacturing Logistics (AML) launched its real-life test environment at the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) today. In this test environment, the field lab will experiment with AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and other robotics to develop knowledge in the field of production logistics, optimal production planning and inventory optimization on the factory floor as well as in the entire supply chain of the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, the field lab also announced its official status as Smart Industry field lab.

The field lab AML, which forms part of the innovation programme “Factory of the Future” aims to optimize the supply chain for the manufacturing industry by implementing Industry 4.0 applications in the high-tech small series manufacturing industry.

The test environment will be opened today with great fanfare by Egbert-Jan Sol, programme director of the Smart Industry programme agency, and is a replica of a simplified supply chain manned by robots. The test environment is part of research into the highest level of automation and smart multi-company planning methods.

“We offer the supply chain in the manufacturing industry an opportunity to get ahead in terms of productivity, lead time and supply chain costs. Automation and optimal planning allows you to increase delivery times and productivity with less logistics resources and investments”, says Erik Vermeulen, programme manager of field lab AML. “We acquire knowledge about simulation, integration and IT connectivity, supply chain orchestration and mobile robots. We will demonstrate all this in the real-life test environment that we built last year at one of our project partners and that we relocated to the Brainport Industries Campus in the past few weeks.”

In addition to the launch of the test environment, programme director Egbert-Jan Sol will also award the field lab plaque to Vermeulen. This will give the field lab the official status of Smart Industry field lab and it will join the network of 39 field labs. “In these Smart Industry field labs, we try to successfully realize all kinds of new Smart Industry technologies in as many factories as possible through innovation and education projects. In particular, the use of digital resources to increase productivity. The AGV-systems of AML are an excellent example of this”, says Sol.

Due to its status as a field lab, AML will, as of now, contribute to the Smart Industry network, involve new entrepreneurs, measure the progress of the success of the field lab, and collaborate with other field labs. In addition, the Smart Industry Hub Zuid, where the field lab is located, will gain visibility and become more organized.

The field lab Advanced Manufacturing Logistics started in 2018 with the knowledge development in the field of production logistics, optimal production planning and inventory optimization in the supply chain of the high-tech manufacturing industry. The founding fathers of the field lab are IJssel Technology, Rubix, KMWE, Brainport Industries, TU/e and the Erasmus University. Faes Packaging Concepts and Yaskawa are extended partners and there is a current collaboration with innovation technology partners such as Grenzebach, MIR and Anylogic.

The field lab Advanced Manufacturing Logistics forms part of the innovation programme “Factory of the Future”. This programme has been established by and with 75 companies, educational and knowledge institutions, and industry associations in close collaboration with the municipality Noord-Brabant, which is also an investor, Brainport Industries and the Brabant Development Agency (BOM). The innovations focus on the following Smart Industry topics: robot technology, digital factory, multi-material 3D printing, industrial metal printing, high-tech software, future manufacturing skills and manufacturing logistics.