KMWE extends its activities with acquisition ATM

KMWE Group B.V. (KMWE) acquired all of Birdie Beheer B.V. (ATM) shares to which ATM Oirschot B.V. and ATM Mould Cleaning B.V. belong. Both parties reached an agreement on Friday, 14 June, 2019. After its recent relocation and its rapid growth, ATM has been looking for a partner that could help shape its future development. The acquisition is an excellent step in realising KMWE’s strategy to further increase and to bring in different areas of expertise. KMWE takes over all of ATM’s activities and employees. ATM will continue to operate independently under its own name.


KMWE offers solutions for the engineering and assembly of high-grade modules and systems and the production of complex components. KMWE expands its activities in the Netherlands with the acquisition of ATM. ATM specialises in surface treatments and cleaning of components and the cleanroom packing of these surfaces and components. The companies complement each other and strengthen their market position through this merger.


“The acquisition of ATM fits perfectly with our ambition to grow, and strengthens our base as a result of the expansion of our knowledge and expertise. Our strategy is to focus on innovation and engineering. By expanding our services, we can serve our clients even better”, says Edward Voncken, CEO KMWE. “We face the future and the continued collaboration with our new colleagues from ATM and their clients with confidence.”

“In 2016, ATM moved its business to a new building which allowed us to design our production processes according to the latest techniques”, says Peter Vogels, director/owner of ATM. “Thanks in part to that we were able to grow significantly. To continue this growth, we must team up with a bigger partner. KMWE is a partner that complements our company culture. This allows us to reach synergy in many areas. At the same time, ATM will remain independent. Therefore, this acquisition will only have a positive impact on our clients and employees.”


KMWE offers solutions for the engineering and assembly of high-grade modules and systems and the production of complex components. KMWE is active in the market for semiconductors, aerospace, medical, analytical and industrial applications, including 3D printing systems. KMWE was founded in 1955 and has become an international player with sites in Eindhoven, Malaysia and India. KMWE now has more than 600 highly skilled and motivated employees and an annual turnover of 120 million euro.
KMWE is located at the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) where the most innovative and successful companies and institutions in the Brainport area have joined forces to become a single powerful entity – a leading, high-tech production hub. As part of BIC, KWME wants to be able to respond to client needs and requests from partners more quickly and effectively.


ATM (founded in 1986) specialises in high-quality surface treatments of aluminium, stainless steel and titanium. ATM also has many years of experience in the high precision cleaning of various materials. Our clients manufacture high-quality machinery and components for different industries, with a focus on the semiconductor industry. ATM is located at De Scheper 406 in Oirschot, where 65 dedicated employees realised a turnover of 5 million euro in 2018.



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