Investing in the future of young technology talents

Sponsor of De Ontdekfabriek

From the get-go, KMWE has been a proud sponsor of De Ontdekfabriek. In De Ontdekfabriek children can discover their affinity with technology. Together with technicians and creatives, De Ontdekfabriek manufactures and exhibits its own innovations. Making young people enthusiastic about technology from an early age is also one of KMWE’s spearheads.

In addition to our sponsorships, we are sparking young people’s passion for technology through our participation in events such as the Dutch Technology Week (High Tech Discovery Route), company visits, Tech Events, etcetera.


Hopefully, 2022 will be a year without lockdowns and full of new challenges to further enthuse the young talents. In any case, we are proud of what De Ontdekfabriek does and we are happy that we can once again contribute to it this year.


De Ontdekfabriek

De Ontdekfabriek is located in an iconic empty Philips factory.

This factory has been converted into a playground where children and their parents can experience technology. The primary target group is children aged 8-14 years. De Ontdekfabriek organizes and facilitates programs and events that contribute to stimulate technology, design and innovation.



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