KMWE Aerospace is preferred supplier voor Additive Manufacturing

Project start Additive Manufacturing

After showcasing the potential of the Additive Manufacturing technique to Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands in 2018, the development trajectory has continued. KMWE has now manufactured a functional prototype of a satellite instrument that meets to the strict requirements of the space industry.


Additive potential

The functional prototype uses the multiple advantages of additive manufacturing, such as:

  • lightweight construction;
  • part count reduction;
  • increased complexity.

Furthermore, during the development of the prototype, KMWE and Airbus DS NL, have improved the necessary production standards for Additive Manufacturing and the critical post-processing to a level required for space-related technology. This paves the way for using the Additive Manufacturing technology for the production of flight hardware.


Collaboration between Airbus DS NL and KMWE

The collaboration has resulted in the placement of KMWE on the preferred supplier list of Airbus DS NL for additive technology. This valuation gives KMWE the opportunity to further position itself in the space industry.

Rob van Loon, Additive Manufacturing Engineer KMWE: “Due to the compact character and the strict requirements that this instrument has to meet, it was an ideal candidate to show the benefits of this 3D-production technology. This innovative production technology opens the door to more complex instruments.”

Grignon van Bakel, Business Manager Aerospace KMWE: “Besides showcasing the benefits of the 3D printing technology, we have developed processes and procedures around it to achieve functional products approved for space applications.”

The project is made possible by NSO (Netherlands Space Office) within the SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program.


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