KMWE participates at the online business market at the open day of Summa Technology

Open day at Summa Technology

When students are still searching for a next study and want to know more about the technology education (bbl), he or she normally can visit an open day of Summa Technology at BIC Eindhoven. But because of the COVID19, the open day will now be in a digital form on 24 January. But still new students will have the possibility to talk to teachers, other students and study advisors.


Online business market

During the open day on Sunday, January 24, potential future students can click through to the Summa College website to a field of study in which they are interested. These are the five directions they can choose from:

1 Mechatronics & Industrial Automation
2 Machining
3 Sheet metal work, Construction & Welding
4 Electrical engineering
5 Mechanical Installation Technology

When they end up on one of these pages, they can click through to the online business market. KMWE is active in the fields of Mechatronics, Machining and Sheet metal Fabrication. We can provide more information to potential students and parents and inspire them to choose a career in technology.

If you are interested in technology and would like to combine learning and working? Read the blog of Erwin Verhulst. He started a training project in machining at KMWE, based on learning and working.

If you already have any questions to KMWE prior to this event, don’t hesitate to contact us at


Location and time open day

Signing up for the online open day is not neccessary. The online open day is freely accessible to everyone via

Summa Technology will be live on Sunday 24 January from 10 am to 3 pm.


More information

Video about the online open day

Video: area of interests Summa Technology:  the movie of Summa Technology


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