Optimisation of factory floor planning with digital twins

Digital Factory at KMWE

Optimization of factory floor planning with digital twins
The high-tech production market demands increasingly faster and more efficient processes. In collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), TNO, and Fontys University of Applied Sciences, we executed an innovative project within the Digital Factory of the Future. This project achieved remarkable results in optimizing our factory floor planning.

Multi-Agent System (MAS)
During this project, we utilized the Multi-Agent System (MAS) developed by PhD Jeroen Didden to create a digital twin. This technology enables us to simulate and optimize our factory’s planning and processes in real-time. Paul Driessen (Application Administrator @KMWE) emphasizes, “With the digital twin, we can test scenarios without disrupting production. This significantly increases our efficiency and flexibility.”

Impact on production and customer satisfaction
Implementing the digital twin has enabled us to respond more quickly and efficiently to changes, leading to improved production and higher customer satisfaction.

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Read more about this innovative project and the results achieved on the Brainport Industries website.


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