The iconic TX Building at Strijp T - Eindhoven

TX building at Strijp-T, a remarkable era

At the end of this year, KMWE will finally close the doors of the TX building at Strijp-T. An era of memories and achievements will come to an end, but the legacy lives on.
Our colleague Huub Jacobs has shared his passion and dedication for this building for over 50 years. Evido Innovative Film Production did a great job of capturing this in this video.

This historic building not only holds memories, but also a wealth of stories. For example, did you know that…

🕰️ Back in time: The former Philips building TX at Strijp-T in Eindhoven was established in 1929, originally as a production facility for Philips. A cornerstone in the technological and industrial development of Eindhoven.

👥 Host to greats: Over the years, the TX building at Strijp-T in Eindhoven has welcomed an impressive array of renowned companies. From its origins as part of the Philips factory complexes in 1929, where it served as a hotbed for radio production and later electronic equipment, to its evolution as a critical location for NXP Semiconductors after the 1970s and housing KMWE Aerospace after the acquisition of Dutch Aero in 2014.

🚀 New chapter: Now we are on the threshold of a new chapter for the TX building. With a thorough redevelopment and transformation in the offing, the building is being given a new lease of life. An inspiring step into the future, while still preserving the rich legacy of the past.

We look forward to seeing the TX building transform into a new era of innovation!
But we are also certainly looking forward to the completion of the move of our aerospace activities to BIC.


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