Our student Collin tells about his experience as an apprentice at KMWE

The story of Collin - He found his ideal apprenticeship at KMWE

Do you want to be part of our earn-and-learn programme? Our student Collin Louwers explains how it is like to work and learn as a machining apprentice at KMWE.

Special thanks to Brainport Industries College, Kai Bodewitz and Sebastian Vonmoos for this video.

Apprenticeship at KMWE

Learning a trade and getting paid at the same time? KMWE offers apprenticeships (guided learning (BBL) programme) in several disciplines, such as machining, mechatronics, sheet metal and welding. If you follow our guided learning programme, you will combine theory with practice. You alternate between working in the workshop at school for six weeks and working at KMWE for six weeks. During this multi-annual study, you will go to school one fixed day a week for regular lessons. The variety and professional supervision will make you very happy and the working conditions are also top-notch, because we pay for everything. Even your laptop and schoolbooks.

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