Brainport Industries Campus (BIC)

KMWE at Brainport Industries Campus

At Brainport Industries Campus (BIC), a 200-hectare manufacturing industry hub in Eindhoven, innovation and competitiveness in high tech manufacturing reach the highest level of excellence.


The Campus, part of the Brainport Park, offers advanced manufacturing, mechatronics and supporting companies to come together in one location, to share facilities and services, and work on innovation and cutting-edge technology together in natural surroundings. By bringing together high-tech manufacturing companies, a unique ecosystem is created. Companies share state-of-the-art resources, such as cleanrooms, flexible manufacturing areas, warehouses and advanced manufacturing facilities. The campus acts a showcase where they can jointly present their capabilities to national and international customers. This benefits the companies involved and strengthens the connection between industry, IT, big data and fully integrated Supply Chains. The campus integrates training, development and prototyping facilities and is essential to the region’s competitive position. Companies offer students opportunities for training and research in collaboration with secondary and higher education facilities.


KMWE is the first company to move to BIC. Our Factory of the Future features a state-of-the-art production facility and an Atrium for visitors. By moving to the Factory of the Future, KMWE can continue to meet the changing needs of the market and supply chain whilst staying ahead when it comes to innovations and challenges related to the fourth industrial revolution (smart industry). Because the entire supply chain is represented, we can open ourselves up to new business models and innovations, digitized production processes and technologies and attract new (technical) talent. This will allow us to keep playing a significant role in a dynamic worldwide production network. Startups, customers and partners can take the next step in the high tech manufacturing industry with KMWE.


Intensive cooperation and co-creation offers new opportunities in the areas of technology, markets, sustainability and human resources. Joint innovation and production, advanced robotisation, shared services and facilities (such as clean rooms), modular architecture and flexible production areas bring advantages such as faster development times, improved TCO, flexible production scalability and pay-per-use cost models.


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We offer support throughout the product lifecycle – and beyond. From design and testing to prototyping, manufacturing and ongoing improvement.

KMWE is a family company, open and focused on cooperation. We focus on personal development, training and close cooperation with educational facilities.