Taking care of customers

Whatever the requirement, KMWE can come up with an integrated solution that meets your needs, planning and budget. We do not push any particular platform, technology or method, but create a unique solution and consistent way of working that is right for you. We offer support throughout the product lifecycle and beyond. From design and testing to prototyping, manufacturing and ongoing improvement.



Co-creating the future with you

We serve a wide range of customers from the medical, semiconductor, aerospace and industrial automation sectors. Our teams can take on any challenge, relying on in-house experience as well as support from our colleagues at Brainport Industries Campus (BIC).


We can take care of every step in the process whilst keeping you up to date, allowing you to stay focused on your core business. Our expertise in high tech product design, high tech manufacturing, innovation, supply chain management and more is at your disposal. We have a long-standing track record of being ahead of the curve in many areas: 3D design and printing, robotization, Industry 4.0, smart logistics as well as quality management and data exchange.


Today's production environment is increasingly connected, allowing industrial production systems to exchange information. KMWE has built up a leadership position in this area - Industry 4.0.

KMWE is a family company, open and focused on cooperation. We focus on personal development, training and close cooperation with educational facilities.