The future of employment

Throughout our company, there is a willingness to invest in people. We allow them to ask questions, and give them room to expand their skills. We offer people an opportunity to work with some very advanced technologies. A unique working time system gives a selection of our employees working in production increased flexibility. At our location on the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC), we’ll be extending this to a larger group of people. Salaries exceed the collective labour agreement level for our sector and we have developed our own evaluation tool to support reviews.


We’re interested in a wide variety of skills, and always looking for people that facilitate the entire production process by providing and processing materials. As we grow, we increasingly require additional support in the areas of technical engineering and quality from measuring and calibration to supporting audits. Together with other firms in the region, we are ensuring educational programs are in line with required practical skills.  There is a continuous exchange of knowledge between ourselves and educators.


We are ambitious, optimistic and dare to think big! Our World Class Manufacturing (WCM) and World Class Operations (WCO), Continuous Improvement and LEAN working allows everyone to learn and contribute.

We work with partners such as Brainport Industries and K3D / AddFab to improve knowledge. Not only do we pay a great deal of attention to training and education, our culture is also in tune with peoples needs and goals.


High tech manufacturing is not just about technology: people are our most important asset. To attract and retain talent, we work with programs such as Noordhofprijs and Vakkanjers.

We offer support throughout the product lifecycle and beyond. From design and testing to prototyping, manufacturing and ongoing improvement.

Today's production environment is increasingly connected, allowing industrial production systems to exchange information. KMWE has built up a leadership position in this area - Industry 4.0.