We are specialized in high complex, high precision machining of a huge range of materials and different sized components.

We are specialized in the assembly of highly complex mechatronic modules and systems in both clean and cleanroom environment.

We manufacture complex fabricated sheet metal assemblies made from different types of components and alloys.

We can apply a large variety of coatings by using thermal spraying technologies according to Nadcap certifications.

Our engineering philosophy is the maximum integration of functions and reduction of complexity based on our manufacturing experience.

We are using selective laser melting, cladding, and EBAM technologies to create highly complex 3D metal components.

ATM, a division of KMWE, specialises in the treatment and cleanroom packaging (if desired) of small-sized components and small batches through various in-house processes such as anodising, hard anodizing, chromating, pickling and/or passivating and cleanroom packaging.

ATM, a division of KMWE, specialises in the cleaning and cleanroom packaging of components for various high-end industries. The entire process is carried out in a class 7 cleanroom (ISO 14644-1), with an option to carry out the final steps of the process in a class 6 cleanroom. We offer various processes, such as wet cleaning, dry cleaning and ultra-high vacuum.

KMWE offers solutions for the following industries: Aerostructures, Aero Engines, Semicon, Healthtech and Industrial.

KMWE is constantly adapting to dynamic markets and technologies safeguarding our customer-oriented family culture.