Additive manufacturing

Cooperation with K3D

Additive Manufacturing is the process of adding materials, usually layer upon layer, to make complex 3D components. KMWE closely cooperates with K3D / AddFab to offer engineering and 3D metal printing services based on selective laser melting. Unique features of 3D printing include weight reduction and design of complex and free form internal cooling channels. Some metals are difficult to machine, but can be printed more easily. This requires less material and gives less waste, without compromising on quality.


Near Net Shape

Next to the selective laser melting technology KMWE also has access to Cladding and EBAM technologies to create ‘Near Net Shape’ structures. Unlike the selective laser melting technologies, which yields no more than a few cubic centimeters per hour and requires costly equipment, these additive manufacturing technologies can be relatively fast and cost-effective for a specific range of applications.


Our Additive Manufacturing services include:

  • Topology optimization and engineering services
  • Prototyping both 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) and machining
  • Business case validation

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of additive manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing is an area of expertise where one development follows the next in rapid succession. This has an effect on the designing of parts. They become function-driven.

KMWE has its roots in the conventional subtractive manufacturing business and the company currently deploys additive manufacturing as a technique for serial production as well. Especially for components that need to be as lightweight as possible, are function-integrated or require internal channels. This ensures that functionality is a top priority.

As Additive Manufacturing Engineer at KMWE, Rob van Loon is responsible for the metal 3D printing activities. He works together with K3D to deliver quality components.

In this video, Rob shows the development of a function-driven part, designed to be as lightweight as possible with the use of topology optimization.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of additive manufacturing?
Schedule an appointment with Rob at or +31 (0)6 46 86 25 23.


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