Sheet metal fabrication

KMWE Aero Engine

KMWE Aero Engine has over 40 years of experience as a one-stop-shop in machining, forming, welding and coating of complex sheet metal assemblies. We can create entire sheet metal fabrications to the highest quality standards.


KMWE Aero Engine manufactures complex fabricated parts made from steel, titanium and nickel based super alloys. KMWE Aero Engine is specialized in hydroforming (bulging), deep drawing and stamping and has several Nadcap-approved welding processes such as TIG welding, Stud welding and Robotized Spot Welding and supporting processes (NDT).


We can integrate new technologies such as additive manufacturing (e.g. selective laser melting, cladding, and EBAM technologies) and thermal spraying. We can make design optimisation suggestions and offer value engineering support using the experiences of our colleagues in other departments.