Thermal spraying

KMWE Aerospace

KMWE can apply thermal spray coatings to aerospace and non-aerospace components. Thermal spray processes are Nadcap certified and supported by a fully-equipped in-house metallurgical laboratory. Coatings can be applied in accordance with manufacturers specifications or engineered for a specific purpose. Additional finish coatings, such as dry film lube, or coating sealants, can be applied if required.


Examples of coatings

  • Wear resistant coatings (ceramic-metal coatings and metallic hard coats)
  • Abradable coatings
  • Heat resistant coatings (Thermal Barrier Coatings)


Thermal spray systems

The following thermal spray systems are available

  • Air Plasma Spray (APS) including High Energy Plasma (HEP)
  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) spray
  • Wire Arc Spray
  • Flame Spray (Wire and powder)