KMWE offers state-of-the-art capabilities for machined components and (sub-) assemblies for aircraft structures and systems. Our added value comes from being involved in the design and specification phases and optimizing designs for production. We are AS9100 certified for all our facilities in The Netherlands and Malaysia and we hold manufacturing and assembly approvals from Airbus, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, amongst others.


Our partners

KMWE is a reliable partner to the world’s leading Aerospace firms since 1965. KMWE products are found in major commercial aircraft programs from Airbus, Boeing and Gulfstream, as well as in Defence programs such as F16, F35, Rafale, Apache, Chinook, and A400M.


Our focus

We focus on the machining and assembly of high-precision, complex structural components. We work in aluminium, as well as other materials like titanium and steel and integrate new technologies such as additive manufacturing.

Our product portfolio varies from single machined components to assemblies of complex large structures for the airframe, such as ribs, frames, panels and brackets, and aircraft systems such as environmental Control Systems and landing gears.