KMWE offers long-standing expertise in the demanding world of medical applications and diagnostics. Owing to our history and experience, KMWE is often involved at the earliest development stages of components and mechatronic systems. Through early supplier involvement we can offer input on design for manufacturing. The fact that we have our own prototyping department is essential to this.


Managing total cost of ownership

Ageing populations, reduced staffing and increasing healthcare costs are placing pressure on the healthcare sector. Experience in Value Engineering, Global Supply Chain Management and transfers to other production sites allows KMWE to closely manage Total Cost of Ownership throughout the Product Life Cycle. We have built up a great deal of knowledge of all process steps, including testing, validating and manufacturing. We can also reduce costs by re-engineering and creating parts or sub-assemblies for existing medical devices.



We create precision milled parts and highly complex assemblies, and can manage the entire manufacturing and supply chain process, working to  the highest quality standards. Because we can make practically all components in house, our added value is high. The Medical sector places the highest possible emphasis on reliability, which KMWE provides through:

  • Highly repeatable quality
  • Traceability
  • Statistical process control
  • Independent automated production and assembly processes
  • ISO 13485


A selection of our medical products

  • X-ray collimators
  • Precision positioning systems and -frames
  • Operating table adjustment systems
  • Reagent racks
  • Fluid handling modules
  • Sample handlers