KMWE’s specific competences perfectly match the industrial equipment industry and combines best-in-class deliverables with optimal total cost of ownership. We are a key partner for various international players in this market by using our wide range of experience gained in the other markets KMWE operates.


Developments in the industrial sector

A booming economy is driving demand in the Industrial sector. KMWE combines experience, technologies and knowledge across sectors to proactively contribute to optimization and innovation in support of serial production. In addition to manufacturing products to a very high standard, we can help save time, effort and money, for example through re-engineering to reduce component numbers and providing pre-assembled and tested modules.


Customers can focus on their core competences and business: research and initial product design, as well as marketing, sales and service, whilst outsourcing product design and development. We take care of those aspects, ensuring there is sufficient manpower and production capacity. Developments such as increased need for customization and Industry 4.0 are changing demands, and KMWE is developing in line with this. To support customers in the future we are currently building significant capability in 3D printing and electronics.