Who we are

KMWE was originally founded in 1955 as a family business. We have expanded significantly in size and scope over the years. However, we have always retained short lines of communication, fast decision-making processes and a “common sense” approach. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations and being a learning organization that continuously improves.

Track record

KMWE is always improving and challenging teams to come up with better solutions. Our long-standing track record proves we are always ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and new technologies. A proven approach to everything from design to supply chain management brings clear benefits.

Ongoing improvement

We work on Continuous Improvement by ensuring we always have up to date insights into all of our activities and processes, including how they are connected. That allows us to keep optimising. We can identify and tackle potential issues, relying on industry best practices and proven processes.

Practical innovation

For us, innovation needs to be practical, applicable and based on real business cases. Innovation is embedded in our culture, at engineering and manufacturing levels, but also at board level. Our CTO office continuously looks into innovation opportunities and involves all departments at an early stage.

Investing in people

When hiring, we look for capabilities, education, enthusiasm and compatibility with our culture. It is important that people continuously learn as the industries we work in and the technologies we work with change fast. We are very much prepared to invest in people that would like to learn new skills in-house.


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