Investing in people

KMWE is constantly developing in a very dynamic sector. We are always on the lookout for colleagues who enjoy a challenge, can think independently and work well in teams. We offer employees a unique opportunity to develop across different areas, depending on their talents, skills, ambitions and interests. What’s more, we are constantly re-evaluating technical functions, as markets, applications and customer requirements change. People with a real hands-on approach are essential throughout our company.


Aiming for excellence

We offer employees a unique opportunity to work with the latest technologies and processes, as well as state-of-the-art machinery. To ensure we remain at the cutting edge of our business, people at KMWE are invited to come up with their own ideas and look beyond their own areas of responsibility. To support personal growth, KMWE has developed learning programmes at all levels of the company, such as World Class Manufacturing and World Class Office. We are continuously working with local schools and institutes to share knowledge and experience, and place trainees, who vastly enjoy working and learning in practice. KMWE employees regularly take part in the annual Noordhofprijs and Vakkanjers competitions.

Our long-standing track record proves we are always ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and new technologies.

We keep optimising by ensuring we have always up to date insights into all our activities and processes.