Ongoing improvement

As KMWE grows and expand, our processes are becoming more standardised and formalised. Introducing LEAN Quality Management and Continuous Improvement is a great opportunity. With all the changes taking place globally, we must also keep changing for the better. We do not simply prescribe methods and tools, but ask questions in order to understand needs and challenges, throughout the organization. We define issues as precisely as we can before we attempt to define solutions.


Our operation directors, business managers and craftsmen have a vast wealth of knowledge, which is mapped, exchanged efficiently and constructively and integrated into our processes. They come up with ideas and KMWE’s Quality experts take care of implementation, following the appropriate methods. If everyone in a company makes one small improvement (Kaizen) every day, the long-term gains are enormous.


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Innovation is embedded in our culture. We involve all departments and customers at an early stage.

We offer our employees the opportunity to develop across different areas and work with the latest technologies, processes and machinery.