Practical innovation

Innovation is embedded in our culture, along with continuously improving products and processes. For us, innovation needs to be practical, applicable and based on real business cases. We do not always innovate with fast returns in mind, but expect each innovation to make a lasting contribution to the company as a whole. Opportunities for people, technologies and markets are analysed and new opportunities for cooperation throughout the value chain are uncovered. Know-how and expertise in areas such as high tech manufacturing and engineering, robotisation, Industry 4.0 and smart logistics are shared, along with facilities for design, manufacturing, prototyping and testing.


Our technology investments are based on real market demands, today and in the future. Research into new technologies is largely driven by client needs, which we try to solve. We have a broad network of technology institutes, partners, universities that we can turn to. Our facilities, fieldlabs and showrooms provide outstanding opportunities for education, training and development of new products, technologies and smart business models.


Part of our innovation power comes from the freedom people have in their daily work. We are looking at further enhancing this innovation power in several ways:

  • Working on advanced projects, partnerships and processes
  • Automation in machinery and tools, warehousing and information flows
  • Introduction of an external but fully integrated logistics service provider
  • Introduction of standardised packaging solutions
  • Our participation at Brainport Industries Campus
  • New approaches to managing working hours and production environments


We offer our employees the opportunity to develop across different areas and work with the latest technologies, processes and machinery.

Our long-standing track record proves we are always ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and new technologies.