Track record

KMWE was founded as a precision machining company in 1955 in the backyard of the founder.  KMWE was recognized as a leading machining company being one of the first companies implementing CNC machines in the Netherlands. As the demand for assemblies and mechatronic modules grew, KMWE added an additional business unit Mechatronics in the beginning of the nineties.


In 2007, Edward Voncken, Mark Evers and Berry Geven became the new shareholders. Not hindered by the financial crisis in 2009 KMWE started to implement it’s new strategy. KMWE expanded its global activities by starting KMWE Malaysia from a green field situation in 2009, followed by a Joint Venture in Turkey and India and the acquisition of DutchAero. Next to its Machining and Mechatronics activities the KMWE Engineering department was launched to support the growing need for value engineering and new product introductions.


KMWE  realized a steady growth resulting in the necessity to allocate all the Eindhoven locations under one roof. The first idea of the Brainport Industries Campus was born and KMWE as a launching customer contributed to the Brainport Industries Campus concept and design of the factory of the future.


KMWE welcomed a fourth shareholder Jan Aalberts in 2017 to support its ambition to become a leading player in the field and to continue it’s future growth. Today, KMWE is commercially stronger than before. The company is growing in all the countries in which it has a presence, and looking at further global expansion. KMWE’s role in the supply chain as a partner for its customers is becoming increasingly important and moving to the Brainport Industry Campus is taking KWME to the next level.


Reliability, honesty, open communication and adherence to agreements have allowed KMWE to develop over the years and will remain key to our success, along with the ability to advise customers from the earliest design stages and optimize the entire manufacturing process and supply chain. At KMWE, people need to come up with their own ideas and look beyond their own areas of responsibility. It is also vital that the company continues to be aware of its legacy and past successes, which provide the basis for our current development.

We keep optimising by ensuring we have always up to date insights into all our activities and processes.

Innovation is embedded in our culture. We involve all departments at an early stage including customers.